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Levente Balvanyos

Creating minimalist, constructive artworks 

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Born in Budapest in 1966.

Levente Balvanyos graduated the Hungarian University of Fine Art majoring in Sculpture in 1997. Between 1998 and 2000 he received the Derkovits Gyula Fine Art grant. His works are essentially characterized by the sensitive, complex and subtle use of geometric elements, as well as a curious sense of „floating” in the abstract space between symmetry and asymmetry. The almost unnoticeable shifts, as well as the web of superimposed spatial planes and intersections, are constructed from extraordinarily simple elements that are dominated by the duality of openess and closeness. His works deceive the senses in a manner that is almost imperceptible, all the while keeping a sensitive balance along the „error margins” of perception. K.D.

Solo Exhibitions


2022 Friends in Kindergarten, other drawings and collages – 37 Gallery, Budapest

2022 Fragile – FUGA, Budapest

2019 Bálványos Levente, Artmark galerie, Vienna (Austria)

2019 Details – 37 Gallery, Budapest (with György Varga)

2018 Bálványos, Benedek, Wolsky – Buchhandlung Hirslanden, Zürich (Switzerland)

2016 Concrete Factor – Haus bill, Zürich/Zumikon (with Barna Benedek, András Wolsky)

2016 Walk in a House – 37 Gallery, Budapest

2015 Graphite – 37 Gallery, Budapest

2013 Openclosed Space - Parallel Exhibition – Vasarely Museum, Budapest

2012 Lines in Space - twofold – Glockengasse No. 9, Vienna (with Kamilla Szíj)

2010 Furniture Cell Studio – Platán Gallery, Polish Institute, Budapest

2009 Landscapes – Óbuda Literary Circle Gallery, Budapest

2004 Reliefs – K.A.S. Gallery, Budapest

2004 One and a Half Rooms – Ludwig Museum, Small Hall, Budapest

2001 Private Room – Collegium Budapest, Budapest

2000 Bar, Game – Liget Gallery, Budapest (with Dóra Sáfrán)

1999 Works – Közelítés Gallery, Pécs

1998 Reliefs – Na-Ne Gallery, Budapest (with Péter Hártó)

Public Space

In Memoriam R. W., Collegium Budapest Raoul Wallenberg Guest House, 2000

József Attila's Memorial (with Csaba Horváth), Fiumei Road Cemetery, Budapest, 2005

Carrot Group (2007-2010) (Bálványos Levente, Lázár Fóti, György Varga)

Carrot Land – Gyöngyös, Tas Puszta, 2007

Large Relief – Sófal, Budapest, Kármán Tódor College, 2008

Benches in the Yard – Sopron, University of West Hungary, 2009

Works in Public Collections

Ludwig Museum, Budapest

Max Bill, Georges Vantongerloo Stiftung, haus bill, Zürich/Zumikon (Switzerland)

Ritter Museum (Germany)

Selected Group Exhibitions



"Kis karácsony, nagy karácsony" – 37 Gallery, Budapest

Focus: Hungary – Nonsofia Gallery (Bulgaria)

Displacement – 37 Gallery, Budapest

Entropy & Cosmos – Galeria Z, Bratislava (Slovakia)

Artists for Heti Bét – VII. Exhibition and Charity Auction – Godot Gallery, Budapest

Entropy & Cosmos – Vasarely Museum, Budapest

Local Value – New Acquisitions, Ludwig Museum, Budapest

Delineo ergo cogito – OSAS/Vasarely Museum, Budapest

Options – 37 Gallery, Budapest

Artists for Heti Bét – VI. Exhibition and Charity Auction – Godot Contemporary Art Institute, Budapest

FREE SZFE Charity Auction, Budapest

Constellations of Things – OSAS/Vasarely Museum, Budapest


Artists for Heti Bét – V. Exhibition and Charity Auction – Godot Contemporary Art Institute, Budapest


Special. ein rückblick aus neuheiten – artmark galerie, Vienna (Austria)

Artists for Heti Bét – IV. Exhibition and Charity Auction – Godot Contemporary Art Institute, Budapest

Concrete Space 2 – 37 Gallery, Budapest

Scene Hungary – Ritter Museum, Waldenbuch (Germany)

Filled Wednesday Afternoon Light – Viltin Gallery, Budapest

OSAS on the Road, Budapest, Bratislava, Vienna – Vasarely Museum, Budapest

Poetics of the Concrete – rittergallery, Klagenfurt (Austria)

OSAS Next Generation – artmark galerie, Vienna (Austria)

Introduction to OSAS – Galeria Z, Bratislava (Slovakia)

Poetics of the Concrete – Vasarely Museum, Budapest

Fuga – OSAS/Vasarely Museum, Budapest

Found Geometry – OSAS/Vasarely Museum, Budapest

Sample – Game Plans, OFF Biennale, Három Hét Gallery, Budapest

OSAS Come Back – OSAS/Vasarely Museum, Budapest

Autism as a Metaphor – ICA-D, Szent István King Museum, Dunaújváros-Székesfehérvár

#Bartók – Ludwig Museum, Budapest

Line – Latarka Gallery, Budapest

Concrete – 37 Gallery, Budapest

Pure Light – Vasarely Museum, Budapest

Artist in Residence – Hospiz Hotel Arlberg, (Austria)

Artificial Landscape – Latarka Gallery, Budapest

Ten Years OSAS – Vasarely Museum, Budapest

Work-Works – Budapest Gallery, Budapest

Hungary Constructive-Concrete – Kunstraum Roy/Kunnersdorf bei Görlitz (Germany)


Space as Space – OSAS/Vasarely Museum, Budapest

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Please contact us for prices and the latest works available by Levente Balvanyos!


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