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About the gallery

Who We Are? 

Opening hours: Tuesday – Friday, 11am – 3pm and Saturdays, 12pm – 6pm.


Many of you have asked: How we came up with the domino logo?

At 37 Gallery, we believe in the power of games and that everyone deserves a bit of joy in their everyday lives. That ia the reason why we want to help you bring joy and playfulness into your life and to the spaces that are special to you, with the works of the most exceptional contemporary artists. 


Our motto symbolizes this principle:


 “Joy in geometry”


37 Gallery, located at Bartók Béla Street 37, stands as one of the oldest cultural hubs in the heart of Buda. The gallery's name is derived from its street address, and a conceptual alignment with the recurring theme of "37" has been woven into its identity. Notably, the gallery hosts monthly exhibitions, inaugurated every 3rd day of the month at 7 pm.

Established in 2010, the gallery has, since 2017, dedicated its focus to a specific genre - Geometrical and Concrete Art. This commitment commenced with the presentation of Bálványos Levente's reliefs in 2016, leading to subsequent exhibitions featuring young contemporary artists. Notably, three of these artists were later showcased at the renowned Swiss artist Max Bill's residence in Zürich, receiving acclaim from Dr. Angela Thomas, Max Bill's widow, and art historian Passuth Krisztina.

Presently, Hungary's geometric art scene exudes a vibrant and refreshing energy, a spirit the gallery aims to share. In collaboration with the Open Structures Art Society (OSAS), featuring internationally acclaimed Hungarian artists such as Konok Tamás, Maurer Dóra, and Gáyor Tibor, among others, 37 Gallery endeavors to celebrate and sustain the vitality of geometric-concrete art.

The gallery actively organizes exhibitions for both local and international artists, whether emerging or established, fostering a dynamic artistic environment. By doing so, it not only preserves the tradition of geometric-concrete art but also champions young artists, facilitating the proper contextualization and presentation of their works. The gallery also actively engages in documenting, cataloging, and promoting these artworks on an international scale, contributing to the global recognition of Hungarian art.

With a vision for the gallery to serve as an intimate communal space, it aims to attract enthusiasts of geometric artworks, offering high-quality experiences, opportunities to connect with artists, and engagement through various workshops. Renowned artists, including Dóra Maurer, provide professional guidance and expertise, drawing from their extensive presence in major art collections worldwide.

Curated by Benedek Barna, Bálványos Levente, and Wolsky András, the gallery extends its societal responsibilities through fundraising initiatives and charitable auctions. It has supported organizations like Van Helyed Association and Nyugodt szív, channeling financial assistance, as envisioned by Kukorelly Endre, to aid those in extreme poverty.

Additionally, the gallery actively participates in projects such as "Beszélj Róla" (Talk about it), contributing to the awareness of discussing childhood sexual abuse. In collaboration with KULT11 Company and Újbuda's galleries, Gallery 37 plays an important role in revitalizing the cultural district of the area.

For more information, please visit the official websites:​

Find us at: 

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Andrea Bodis 

Andrea Bodis is a Budapest based gallery director who is dedicated to the promotion of cutting edge contemporary artists.

Andrea graduated from ELTE and then from Edutus University. She took over the management of 37 Gallery in 2014 and since then, in addition to Hungarian creators, she has collaborated with numerous international artists, charities and diplomatic projects, contributing to the creation and development of a cultural bridge​. 


Milan Bodis
Creative Assistant 

Andrea Bodis 

Barna Benedek 

International Partnerships 

At 37 Gallery we are proud of our devotion to bring awareness to social issues which allowed us to cooperation with several Embassies and International cultural delegations.  

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