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Barna Benedek
Abstract, structural visual artist 

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Born in Budapest in 1973.


2009 Doctor of Liberal Arts, Doctoral School of the University of Pécs Faculty of Arts, Supervisor: Ernő Tolvaly

2004 – 2007 Doctoral School DLA program, University of Pécs Faculty of Arts, Supervisor: Ernő Tolvaly 

1996 – 2001 University of Pécs Faculty of Arts, Major: Drawing and Visual Education, Supervisor: Ferenc Lantos, painter



Since 2015 - Teacher at Budapest Metropolitan University

Works in collections

The Messmer Collection, Riegel am Kaiserstuhl, Germany

Mazovian Centre of Contemporary Art "Elektrownia," Radom, Poland

Vass Collection, Budapest/Veszprém, Hungary 

Grüner Collection, Los Angeles, California, USA

Nemes–Szöllősi-Nagy Collection, Budapest, Hungary

Kovács Gábor Collection, Szekszárd, Hungary

Rátfai Collection, Budapest, Hungary

Faragó Collection, Pécs, Hungary

STRABAG Collection, Budapest, Hungary

Hungarian Electrographic Society

University of Pécs Doctoral School Collection

Paksi Képtár, Paks, Hungary

Curatorial activities

2019 Concrete Space 1-2, 37 Gallery, Budapest, Hungary

2019 GameOmetry, Vasarely Museum (with Dóra Maurer, Katalin Haász) Budapest, Hungary

2017 Pattern - Game designs, 37 Gallery (with Dóra Maurer, Katalin Haász) Budapest, Hungary

2017 Found geometry, Vasarely Museum (with Dóra Maurer, Judit Nemes, István Haász, Levente Bálványos) Budapest, Hungary

2014 Space as a square, Vasarely Museum (with Dóra Maurer, András Wolsky) Budapest, Hungary


2011 Scholarship from the Balassi Institute, Frans Masereel Centrum, Belgium

2009 Arad Biennial, Painting Award

2007 STRABAG Painting Award, artistic support

Selected Solo Exhibitions

2022 Break, 37 Gallery, Budapest, Hungary

2021 Fusion, XP – Art Agency, Cologne, Germany

2021 Break, Liszt Institute, Sofia, Bulgaria

2020 Exhibition of selected works, Zsdrál Art Budapest, Hungary

2020 Übergang, Galerie Messmer, Riegel am Kaiserstuhl, Germany

2018 Nexuses, 37 Gallery (with Margherita Turewicz Lafranchi) Budapest, Hungary

2016 Point zero, 37 Gallery, Budapest, Hungary

2016 Monumenta, 37 Gallery, Budapest, Hungary

2012 Stille Reflexion, Galerie Kuko (with Lenkei-Tóth Péter) Dresden, Germany

2011 Replay, Mono Galéria (with Kóródi Zsuzsanna) Budapest, Hungary

2009 Anyag és káprázat (Material and dazzle) Civil Közösségek Háza Pécs, Hungary

2009 Signal, Csepel Galéria, Budapest, Hungary

2009 New~Wave, Mono Galéria, Budapest, Hungary

2008 Sztereó, Mono Galéria (with Józsa Bálint) Budapest, Hungary

2008 DLA Final, Pécsi Kisgaléria (with Lukács Zsolt, Császár Gábor) Pécs, Hungary

2007 Lumino-Dinamo, Volt Egyetemi Pinceklub (with Sas Miklós) Pécs, Hungary

2005 United Colors of Benedek, Közelítés Galéria, Pécs, Hungary

Selected Group Exhibitions

2022 Connection Bożena, SYKER VORWERK, Syke, Germany

2021 Kunsthalle Messmer, Riegel am Kaiserstuhl, Germany

2021 Options, 37 Gallery, Budapest, Hungary

2020 Art and Antique, Millenáris Park Budapest with Zsdral Design & Art, Budapest, Hungary

2019 Concrete Space 2, 37 Gallery, Budapest, Hungary

2019 Code and Algorithm: Hommage à Vera Molnár, Vasarely Museum, Budapest, Hungary

2018 5th International André Evard Prize for Concrete-Constructive Art, Kunsthalle Messmer, Riegel am Kaiserstuhl, Germany

2017 Found Geometry, Vasarely Museum, Budapest, Hungary

2016 4th International André Evard Prize, Kunsthalle Messmer, Riegel am Kaiserstuhl, Germany

2015 Ten Years OSAS, Vasarely Museum, Budapest, Hungary

2014 Ungarn Konstruktiv-Konkret, Kunstraum Roy, Kunnersdorf bei Görlitz, Germany

2013 Galéria Placc, Tihany – Art Placc, Hungary

2012 International Forum for Non-Objective Art, The Red House – Orthogonal, Sofia, Bulgaria

2011 Art Market Budapest, Millenáris Budapest, Hungary

2010 Point, line in motion, Vasarely Museum, Budapest, Hungary

2009 Selection from the Collection of the Pécs School of Fine Arts, Nádor Gallery, Pécs, Hungary


OSAS: Open Structures Art Society

Hungarian Association of Creative Artists

Közelítés Art Association

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