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Aniko Robitz 

Geometric photography 

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Although Anikó Robitz is a photographer, her pictures are more appropriately approached as works of fine art. They are best understood by those who are familiar with 20th century visual art forms, primarily abstraction, Suprematism, and Minimalism – genres that depart from people-centered approaches. Art photos that address the general public – landscapes, still lifes, genre photos, portraits, nudes etc. – universally stem from traditional divisions of genres and artistic views that are rooted in a past, unified world view. - Bálint Szombathy artist, author, art critic. 

Selected solo and partner exhibitions

Mundo Perdido / Lost World, The Space Gallery, Budapest, Hungary

Possible Worlds, Artphoto Gallery, Budapest, Hungary
Dunkelkammer / Darkroom, The Space Gallery, Budapest, Hungary

Light and Surface, ZM&G Gallery, Csopak, Hungary
Woven Mirror, Három Hét Gallery, Budapest, Hungary
Metropolis, Photon Gallery, Vienna, Austria
Metropolis, Photon Gallery, Ljubljana, Slovenia

GEO/METRY (online exhibition) Hungarian Cultural Center New York, New York, USA

Light, Form, Photogram: Károly Minyó Szert and Anikó Robitz, Collegium Hungaricum Berlin, Germany
Holographic Memories, TOBE Gallery, Budapest, Hungary

Art Photo Budapest, special guest artist of the Visegrad Contemporary Festival

Taking Out: Dezső László-Kiss and Anikó Robitz, Liget Gallery, Budapest, Hungary

Korunk Gallery, Cluj-Napoca, Romania
Supreme: Károly Minyó Szert and Anikó Robitz, Godot Gallery, Budapest, Hungary

Circles, Három Hét Galéria, Budapest, Hungary

Urban Landscapes No. 6 – Light/Structures: Márk Péter Varga and Anikó Robitz,
FUGA Budapest Centre of Architecture, Budapest, Hungary

Space Observers: Ildikó Péter and Anikó Robitz, Defo Labor, Budapest, Hungary

Telep Gallery, Budapest, Hungary
Magyar Műhely Gallery, Budapest, Hungary

Deep Surfaces, Photon Gallery, Ljubljana, Slovenia
Trio: Ákos Czigány and Anikó Robitz, Nessim Gallery, Budapest, Hungary
Ateliers Pro Arts – A.P.A.! Gallery, Budapest, Hungary

CDA Gallery, Graz, Austria
Urban Landscapes, Collegium Hungaricum, Moholy-Nagy Gallery, Berlin, Germany

White Pictures, Polish Institute, Mű-Vész Pince, Budapest, Hungary
Gallery Arcus, Vác, Hungary

Passive House – Örökmozgó Cinema, Budapest, Hungary

Group exhibitions 

OSAS Plus No. 2, Vasarely Museum, Budapest
Section No.01, K28 Gallery, Budapest

Garten Balaton, Lovas, Hungary
Black and White, Nick Gallery, Pécs, Hungary

Options, Három Hét Gallery, Budapest, Hungary
Hungarian Genius – Fresh, Gallery Max, Budapest, Hungary
Garten Balaton, Lovas, Hungary
Bauhaus Contemporary (online exhibition) Hungarian Cultural Center New York, New York, USA
Images of Light, 2nd National Salon of Photography, Kunsthalle, Budapest, Hungary

Bauhaus Contemporary, Valid World Hall Gallery, Barcelona, Spain
A New Vision of Debris, Gallery of Austrian Culture Forum, Budapest, Hungary

The Hungarian Scene, Museum Ritter, Waldenbuch, Germany
Bauhaus Contemporary, Accademia d’Ungheria, Rome, Italy
Bauhaus Contemporary, Frame Art Fair, Basel, Switzerland
Bauhaus Contemporary, MÜPA – Palace of Arts, Budapest, Hungary
Kerekes-Barabás Project, Artphoto Gallery, Budapest, Hungary
Bauhaus 100, Vasarely Museum, Budapest, Hungary

On The Edge of Geometry, Vasarely Museum, Budapest, Hungary
Noise of The Image, Három Hét Gallery, Budapest, Hungary

Güelcome, TOBE Gallery, Budapest, Hungary
Found Geometry, Vasarely Museum, Budapest, Hungary
Abstractions, Fotogalerie Wien, Vienna, Austria

Regards Sur La ville, Vasarely Foundation, Aix en Provence, France
Echoes: City, Society, Conflict & Self in Hungarian Photography, Alma Gallery, New York, NY, USA
Triangle, TOBE Gallery, Budapest, Hungary

Top 40, LACDA, Los Angeles, CA, USA
Space As Space, Vasarely Museum, Budapest, Hungary
Ten Years Anniversary Retrospective, LACDA, Los Angeles, CA, USA

Cultural City Network Graz “Arrivals / Departures”, Galerie Centrum, Graz, Austria
ArtPlacc with Nessim Gallery, Tihany, Hungary
Malevich Looks Back – MAMŰ Gallery, Budapest, Hungary
Ninth Anniversary Exhibit, LACDA, Los Angeles, CA, USA

Cinematograph (video), LACDA video project room, Los Angeles, CA, USA
Created Dreams, The Hive Gallery, Los Angeles, CA, USA
Danube Dialogs – Budapest/Novi Sad: Pavle Jovanovic and Anikó Robitz, Art Club, Novi Sad, Serbia
Eighth Anniversary Retrospective, LACDA, Los Angeles, CA, USA

Geomix 2.0, B55 Contemporary Gallery, Budapest, Hungary
Vectors, Nessim Gallery, Budapest, Hungary

Women Only, Centrális Gallery, Budapest, Hungary
Absence, Nessim Gallery, Budapest, Hungary
TOP 40, LACDA, Los Angeles, CA, USA
Okolje Consulting Art Collection, Gallery of Contemporary Art Celje, Slovenia

Photosuprematists shows


Artists of the group are Bálint Szombathy, Aniko Robitz and Károly Minyó Szert. Bálint Szombathy established the Photosuprematists group in 2013. It is motivated by the historical moment of 2013 being the 100th birth anniversary of Suprematism, the art movement established by Kazimir Malevich.

Narva College of University of Tartu, Estonia
Hungarian Institute Tallinn, Estonia

Balassi Institute Brussels, Belgium

Balassi Institute Ljubljana, Slovenia
Photon Gallery, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Hungarian Culture Institute, Stuttgart, Germany
Arsenal, Nizhny Novgorod, Russia
Photon Gallery, Vienna, Austria
Schusev State Museum of Architecture, Moscow, Russia

Robert Capa Contemporary Photography Centre, Budapest
Gallery Csikász, Veszprém, Hungary

PHOTONIC MOMENTS shows by Photon Gallery:
Salon Galić, Split, Croatia
Magacin Galerija, Belgrade, Serbia
Fotogalerie des Rathaus, Graz, Austria
Korotan Art Center, Vienna, Austria
Photonic Moments, Cankarjev Dom, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Art Fairs 

Art Market / Art Photo Budapest – Photon Gallery Vienna, Budapest, Hungary
MIA – Milan Image Art Fair – Photon Gallery, Milan, Italy 
Art and Antique – The Space Contemporary Art Gallery and Management, Budapest, Hungary

Photo London – Photon Gallery, London, UK

Art Market / Art Photo Budapest – EDGE, Budapest, Hungary

Art Market / Art Photo Budapest – Photon Gallery, Budapest, Hungary

Art Market / Art Photo Budapest – Photonic Moments, Budapest, Hungary
Photo London – TOBE Gallery
Frame Art Fair Basel – Bauhaus Contemporary, Basel, Switzerland 

Photo Basel – Photon Gallery, Basel, Switzerland 
Art Market / Art Photo Budapest, special guest artist of the Visegrad Contemporary Festival
Fresh Paint Tel Aviv, Israel – TOBE Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel

Fotofever Paris – Photon Gallery, Paris, France 
MIA Milano – TOBE Gallery, Milan, Italy 
Art Market / Art Photo Budapest – TOBE Gallery, Budapest, Hungary 

Art Market / Art Photo Budapest – TOBE Gallery and Photon Gallery, Budapest, Hungary 

Fotofever Brussels – Inda Gallery, Brussels, Belgium 

Art Market Budapest – Photon Gallery, Budapest, Hungary 

Contemporary Istanbul – Nessim Gallery, Istanbul, Turkey 
C.A.R. Contemporary Art Ruhr – Nessim Gallery, Ruhr, Germany 

Viennafair – Photon Gallery, Vienna, Austria 

Award, scholarship and residency programs

Centre Européen d’Actions Artistiques Contemporaines, Strasbourg, France in 2014 

Residency at Estonian Artist Association, Tallinn, Estonia in 2011

Cultural City Network Graz award in 2008 and residency in Graz, Austria in 2009 

Pécsi József Scholarship in 2008

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Please contact us for prices and the latest works available by Aniko Robitz!


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