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37 Gallery

József Getto: The Thrill of Tranquility

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József Getto: The Thrill of Tranquility
József Getto: The Thrill of Tranquility

Idő és helyszín

2023. márc. 19. 19:00 – 21:00

37 Gallery , Budapest, Bartók Béla út 37, 1114 Hungary

Az eseményről

Exhibition Opening

A joint exhibition by  37 Gallery and Zsdrál Art Gallery.

I began the Nyugi series in December 2019. After my university years, in the absence of a studio and during the "gateway panic," these drawings helped (and continue to help) me calm down and focus on art. Through the meditative work inherent in the lengthy creative process, I could shut out the oppressive presence of my everyday worries. When creating geometric abstract art, one must decide whether to turn to modern technology for perfect precision or embrace the potential randomness of human labor, which, in turn, lends uniqueness to each piece. In my own work, alongside geometric forms, I am increasingly interested in the small inaccuracies arising from the human factor. The Nyugi series is also related to this theme. I depict simpler or more complex geometric shapes through freehand drawing, focusing on the subtle imperfections that arise during the drawing process, a kind of controlled random process, within the seemingly regular forms at first glance. My irregular yet structured shapes confront human awkwardness with the geometric world accustomed to digital precision. Most of my work aims to build a unified whole from small fragments. In the meticulous detailing, the sometimes repetitive movements carry a meditative process, which I consciously try to apply today. This improves my concentration and makes the sometimes monotonous phases enjoyable. In the series, I use variations of the circle, torus, and Möbius in a freely constructed system. My goal is to create unique forms that communicate with space. 

Jozsef Getto

Co-organizer: OSAS Open Structures Art Soceity 

On view: March 19 - April 07, 2023.

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